• Our Bank had secured the shield as a winner of first Prize in the competition for best performance during the year 1994-95 held by Gujarat State Co.op. Union had organized competition in the year 1995-96.
  • The Bank has constructed a traffic police booth on 27th August, 1996 at Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad as a part of its Silver Jubilee Year.
  • Bank gives donation in the field of Education, Social walfare, Health etc. since more then two decades. In the year 2015-16, Bank donated Rs. 6,91,000 /-  to various institutes like Akshaypatra Foundation, Apang Manav Mandal, Dr. Jivraj Mehata Smarak Health Foundation, Ahmedabad Maskati Kapad Mahajan Relief Trust and Visamo Kids Foundation.
  • Declaring dividend to share holders since inception in 1971.
  • Net NPA is 0% since last  Fourteen years..