Grievances Redressal

Salient Features Of Banking Ombudsman Scheme

Banking ombudsman is a quasi judicial authority functioning under Banking ombudsman scheme and the authority has been created to enable resolution of complaints of customers of Banks relating to certain services rendered by Banks.

Type Of Complaints

  • Non payment or inordinate delay in payment or collection of cheques, drafts, bills etc.
  • Non acceptance, without sufficient cause, of small denomination notes tendered for any purpose and for charging of commission for this service.
  • Non acceptance, without sufficient cause, coins tendered and charging of commission for this service.
  • Non-payment or delay in payment of inward remittance.
  • Failure to issue or delay in issue of drafts, pay orders or Banker's cheques.
  • Non adherence to prescribed working hours.
  • Failure to honor guarantee or letter of credit commitments.
  • Failure to provide or delay in providing a banking facility (other than loans and advances)promised in writing by Bank.
  • Refusal to open accounts without any valid reason for refusal.
  • Levying charges without adequate prior notice to the customer.
  • Refusal to close or delay in closing the accounts.
  • Non-adherence to the fair practices code as adopted by the Bank.
  • Any other matter relating to the violation of the directives issued by RBI in relation to Banking or other services and also delay in sanction / disbursement of loan within prescribed limit.

For any kind of complaint please contact:

Asst.General Manager

Nutan Nagrik Sahakari Bank

Telephone: 26443724, 26444558
Email Id:



Smt. N Sara Rajendrakumar

C/o. Reserve Bank of India 5th Floor, Nr. Income Tax,
Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad 380 009.

Tel.No. 079 2658 2357
Fax No. 079 26583325



Dr. Neena Rohit Jain

C/o. Reserve Bank of India 4th Floor, RBI Byculla Office Building,
Opp. Mumbai Central raiway Station,
Mumbai 400 008.

Tel.No. 022 2302 2023 Fax No. 022 24960912