Nutan Bank

Against Plant & Machinery

Against. Plant & Machinery

  • This facility is to be allowed normally against the new machineries required by the borrower, for own business/ industry use.
  • Payment should be made direct to the suppliers of such machineries.
  • Loan against old machinery may also be considered on case to case basis, keeping in view the cost of similar new machinery, cost and useful life of old machinery etc.
  • Valuation report from our Bank’s approved valuer is to be required.
  • Margin against new machineries may be fixed in the range of 10 % to 40 % and old machinery may be fixed at 20.0% to 50.0 %.
  • Maximum Repayment period against new machinery may be allowed up to 7 years where as against old machinery repayment period should not normally exceed 5 years or 75% of residual service life of the same, whichever is earlier.


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